1. Viv Mason

    What I love about Judys classes is that we are learning all the time and experimenting with technology. This doesn’t always suit our style of painting but I find it exciting to try all these different methods. I personally feel this is the only way we can grow as artists. Always a lovely ambience in class with all the wonderful ladies of several different nationalities. Will miss you all over summer.

    • Judy

      I’ll be missing everyone too but I’m only a WhatsApp message away 😉 That reminds me to message a suggested list of resources if people want to work over the summer. It’s all about experimenting and taking risks – otherwise, we won’t grow as artists.


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What a busy start to the first two months this year.   Demand for workshops and classes increased and I opened up another class at the art centre.  This has meant that my art admin has taken a back seat.   However, I remedied that (a bit) today and I’m hoping that it will free up space in my head to CREATE.









Talking of creating brings me to PROCREATE – an app for the iPad that I can see has huge potential for a working artist.  Maestro has often said if your notan works your painting will work. I don’t think that thumbnail sketches can be valued enough and these mini sketches can be done and saved on your very portable iPad   The same goes for composing paintings and trying out ideas to see how they might look on a finished canvas.  I swapped skills with another artist at Tashkeel, the art centre where we both work.  She is skilled with Procreate and I helped her with a portrait that she was painting, a perfect result.


I love my job and I have a wonderful group of artists that are blossoming before our eyes.    We have the odd emotional moment  ( you know who you are 😊)  but if we don’t struggle – how are we to improve?

I get huge satisfaction from seeing artists work transform.   Some of this year’s work will be on show at Gallery 76 at the Dubai International Art Centre in Jumeirah this month.   It’s scheduled for the 17th March and will be confirmed in the next couple of days.   It will be an exhibition with a difference and so watch for details next week!