Well the third and final watercolour workshop has been wrapped up and what a result! Just take a closer look at the image here. I knew that the participants would be able after the last couple of weeks and the class was small so we had plenty of time. I think Corina’s lovely little impish face won my vote. Even though it’s a portrait it’s a painting that would grace any wall. I loved it.

Then it was back to be chained to the laptop.

This time 2 weeks ago I was a novice web builder. OK, I had a bit of help but a lot of it I’ve had to learn myself. I think the subscribing and emailing part has been the most difficult. I’m so afraid that I’ll press the wrong button and my new subscribers will get an email from me on the hour for a week!

It’s also been very exciting. I’ve had some super feedback and it confirms that this can only be a good thing, another arm to my creative business. I’m also going to try and curb my natural tendency to only post ‘perfect’ posts and images. I will be journaling the good and the bad, the highs and the struggling lows. We all go through these emotions as creatives right? What’s that book? I’m going to “Feel The Fear But Do It Anyway!’ Now let’s see can I send this post to my lovely subscribers… wish me luck.