I’ve been a past student of Judy’s.  She is the most delightful teacher, full of inspirational and forever problem solving ( which every aspiring artist needs to hear).  You WILL learn a lot – you WILL jump to several levels higher than you were before.  So I would urge anyone interested in investing time in their skills in art to sign up with Judy for one of her wonderful courses.      Tess, Belfast,


I’ve been dabbling in painting for years but the unique method you teach Judy has given me a depth of knowledge on how to adopt a professional approach to my work..now the task is to painstakingly apply this to the work..perseverance and patience.  Thanks, Judy.      Pat, Ireland


I found Judy’s courses exhausting and extremely challenging but boy did I learn a lot!  Loved the results and the classroom ambiance. Most of us cried laughed and then produced amazingly professional results. So rewarding!!
I can’t wait for January classes!       Viv, South Africa


.I have to tell you how thrilled my husband was with these portraits- he was totally surprised and over the moon.  With a tear in his eye, he said that they are the best gift he has ever received.      Eileen, Dubai