There are green shoots everywhere and a stretch in the days. Even though this lockdown seems to have gone on forever there seems to be a little touch of hope in the air.

I started up the Lockdown Drawing Sessions again   Starting with my local area I put the word out to anyone who might find it a bit of a diversion from the world around us at the moment. Each week I’ll spread the net a little wider and now there’s a lovely sense of a supportive art group emerging.

I thank heavens every day that I have art to keep me busy . Apart from the voluntary Lockdown Drawing Sessions I have the classes that I teach every week and also the courses that I do to keep my own skills up to scratch.

I get a huge kick from some students who have started to take on commissions. It’s difficult to take the plunge and there’s always bit of insecurity at the beginning. However, the artists who are dipping their toes into the commercial side of our business are more than capable. It’s interesting to share their experiences in class and it can be so motivating.

I was talking to an artist friend the other day and he passed on a tip that really resonated. He said that when he starts his work every day he thinks ‘What is my statement of intent?’

So, what is my statement of intent?  What is your statement of intent? What are we going to do today?  When we’ve done it (our intent), what are we going to do with it?  (the product of our intent?)  Will I give this painting as a gift?  Am I going to work towards an exhibition?  Will I track my progress in a sketch book?  Will I spend the day experimenting?  Or will I create something for myself?  I’ve taken this on board and I’m setting down goals. 

Goals.   My talented artists and I were in the middle of organising an exhibition and then Covid stopped everything.  We are a determined bunch though and will be working away for the next few months towards this goal.   This exhibition will be a show with a difference.

A personal goal for me this year is to delve back into watercolour and mixed media alongside the oil painting and teaching.   So, there’s lots to do.  That’s my statement of intent, what’s yours?