New Year New You.  We’re half way through the new year and I’m wondering where the new me is!  I’m not talking about the decluttering promise I made to myself and I’m not talking about the new diet pledge we all make (we know who we are 😊) . 

No, I’m talking about art goals.  For me, painting is a business and every year I make a pledge to regularly do something ‘artfull’ within my practice.

Last year was a big year for me.  I designed and opened my own studio at home in Ardmore.  To have a custom built studio has been a long held dream and it has lived up to every expectation.   In a few short months a wonderful working, inspiring art space has been achieved, with a deck overlooking Ardmore Bay.

As well as a working space for myself – I held some workshops in Ardmore.  The space proved to be a relaxing, creative environment for the 20 painters who crossed the doorway over the summer months.   I kept the groups small and because of that we were able to cover a huge amount of material.  There is such satisfaction from watching a painter’s ability and confidence grow.  The belief that anyone can do this and to see it in action is heartening.  Beginners, once they are given the tools and techniques and shown how to use them can flourish too.  I love my job. 

Back to today.  Because of my teaching schedule it is unrealistic to promise to paint every day but twice a week will be a great start to the year.  To prioritise this is important – so you’ve heard it here – feel free to question this when you see me 😊

So a belated Happy New Year, let’s make this our best year yet.   I was chatting to a lovely student this morning and we spoke about where she would like to take her art.  She’s a busy mother but I assured her that she could take her work anywhere and to a high level. We kicked a few ideas around and I left her with the thought to DREAM BIG – anyone can do this, we just need to prioritise and make time in our busy lives.   I can’t expect her to do this if I don’t do it myself.


Finally, I have big plans for my lovely artists in both Ireland and Dubai this year.  Showing our work will be the focus  We have committed to an exhibition with a difference in Dubai and I hope we’ll be able to do the same in Ireland later in the summer.  So that will shake off any cobwebs gathered over the Christmas holiday and give us a motivating push for the year.  How is that for a New Year’s resolution?


  1. Meera Deshmukh

    Very inspiring Judy. When I started with you 3 years ago, you not only gave me the right tools and techniques but also gave A great deal of encouragement. You make even a beginner feel like as if they are already an experienced artist. Today painting is my heart and soul. There are many teachers in the world but you are something special and I’m sure every student of yours will agree with me.

    • Judy

      Ah Meera. Those are lovely comments – I must keep them to read when I’m feeling insecure…. I’m in awe of your commitment and you could teach me a thing or two. See you soon xxxx

  2. Gail Reid

    Fantastic Judy! Reading with my cup of tea in bed… Makes me want to jump up and paint RIGHT NOW! Might just take Tom to school first though… 😂😘

    • Judy

      Hello Gail. Hope Tom got to school ok :} I’m heartened to hear that I can motivate at times. Looking forward to our girls trip (you’ll be tripping!) ‘Talk soon x x


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