It’s been a while -Talk about our lives being turned upside down.


It’s been a steep learning curve for everyone but being adaptable is the key.


For the last 6 months I’ve been in Zoom Rooms.  Zoom wasn’t even in my line of sight at the beginning of the year and I think that goes for most people.   It’s here to stay though and I would ask the sceptics to try before they dismiss it.    I started to organise zoom art classes tentatively in March and what at a revelation!  You’d think that something like painting workshops would be difficult to give outside the studio, but it turns out to be an ideal medium.


The thing about zoom is that if it’s organised properly you can really move forward quickly.  The tutor and the student have to work harder but anyone taking the time to learn is obviously committed and will gain a huge amount from the experience.


So, my classes start on Sunday the 20th September.   I also have sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays. These classes are for everyone and for all levels of ability.   Some artists that come to me want to paint a particular image.  It could be a child’s portrait or a landscape that means a lot.  It could be a birthday or wedding present.


With more ambitious painters my objective will be to see how far I can bring them on their art journey.  We are going to look at different subjects such as drawing, values, colour and composition and to look at them in some depth. 


We’ve also had several prize winners from our studios.


Every year I book myself into master classes during the summer.  I spent a few weeks this year honing my skills in portrait painting, still life and the Munsell Colour theory.  I have decided to continue studying once a week to consolidate the skills that I have and all this will be done through zoom too.   For me it’s important to keep learning, to keep engaged and to keep motivated.  All this will hopefully be passed onto the people that I teach.


Lastly I have made some lovely friends through art and particularly during the classes.  As well as learning new skills, the virtual studios are relaxed, fun and very socialbe.  We all have a connection and I’m thankful that we can stay safe, stay in touch and be productive during these crazy times.



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