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What a strange time this is. Complete lockdown again. This time though I think we are better prepared for it. I’m extremely lucky because I can work from home and I love my job.

I realise that it’s a difficult time for some people. It can be a lonely time cut off from family and friends. It’s scary and not knowing where the road ahead is taking us.

So I wondered would anyone like to meet up in my classes zoom room to chat and to draw for a couple of hours once a week.

I thought maybe half a dozen would be interested.  I was quite overwhelmed with the response and had to stop taking names at 35  .

It was such a rewarding experience and I think everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. The feedback has validated the idea and perhaps it has sparked some creative ideas and lifelong hobbies.  I hope so.

My classes are starting again next week.  We are loving zoom – it’s been a revelation.  Not only am I teaching 3 times a week but I am also honing my skills with a tutor in Florence  It’s like having private art tutorials . I can honestly say I’ve never been as busy, it’s wonderful and very satisfying.

I love seeing the progress in my ‘virtual’ studio. Beginners are particularly welcome to the classes and I’ve seen some artists go on to exhibit and sell their paintings.  So if you’re looking for something during  lockdown there are lots of videos and demonstrations to check out online.  There are also classes like mine which take you a little further.    Judy Shinnick Art Studio classes are structured but also fun and sociable.   There’s still time to paint that special present and time is what we have loads of at the moment.