Oh my goodness. What a day. I had a lovely class today. Everyone was relaxed and chatty but there was some lovely work being done too.

The exhibition at More was taken down. It always amazes me that hanging a wall of paintings takes so long and then taking them down is done in a jiffy. My cohorts and I deserved a lunch after that where the lovely Marketing Manager of More Dina presented us cake to sample afterward. Well, it would have been rude not to…

Then it was onto the laptop to finish off my website. It has nearly finished me off and my eyes are square from content and images and mailchimp and layouts. I THINK I have now embedded a form on my front page … It has been built and emailed to various unsuspecting souls and woe betide ANYONE that might point out a typo or a misspelled tube of paint. I’m really out of my comfort zone but I’m biting the bullet and I’m going for it after I’ve slept for 12 hours… Goodnight