Who knew? Our world has been turned upside down and we have had to change our way of life, be it work or play. Strangely, I have found myself busier than ever.

There has been an enormous interest in activities that we can do while home bound and this is where ZOOM comes in.

ZOOM (another who knew?). What a revelation. After the first few sessions, when we were all getting used to the system, it has now proved to be a huge success. One of the reasons being that questions asked during the class are heard by everyone and more importantly the answers are heard by everyone too.

A quote from one of my lovely participants reads: ‘I really enjoyed my online painting class with you. I felt it was more productive and I was able to do more as it was smoother than other art classes I have taken’

I am in the middle of 2 courses at the moment and although they are productive they are also relaxed and great fun.

I occasionally invite my artist colleagues to give a short presentation about their practices. We had a very useful session with Gail Reid, an artist friend of mine who is very active and successful artist in the UK.

Another colleague Jane Farrelly talked to us about setting up her art business from scratch. She now owns and runs her very successful art studios in Manchester.

As I often say in the studio, ‘What do people do who don’t paint?’

While this present crisis has been difficult, it has meant that we have had to change. For creatives there are opportunities – it’s just a case of looking for them and grasping them with both hands.


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